This isn't a flashy website.  
You're not going to learn about a DJ by watching a promotional video (you're supposed to look good) or by listening to samples of an event (you know how the song sounds).  So, no, I don't have photos, videos, or other promotional materials.

Here's the gist. 
You're planning a wedding and you're so caught up in the details:  guest list, flowers, food, photos, venues, table decorations... 
Your guests won't remember these details (but you should still get nice flowers, yummy food, and a great photographer).  Remember this...
The DJ makes or breaks an event.

You, the client, are the center of my work.
Yes, I'm a DJ.  But when you work with me, peace-of-mind is what you get.  Exceptional service starting immediately and exceptional execution on the day of your event lets you focus on everything else, like having a good time!
I keep your event on-track while adapting to the organic flow of the day.  You're going to need announcements; that's my job, too.

So, what about the music?
That's the easy part.  I work with you to discover your vision, preferences, must-play songs (and vice versa) - you know, the 'feel' you're going for.  Do you want to give me an entire playlist?  Hey, I work for you, but you might want to ask if I think it will work...
My tastes are broad, but I'm picky when it comes to listening at home.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is YOU and what you expect.  But remember that professional DJs do bring insight.
Broadcasting freeform music programs on the radio since 2003 and DJing live events since 2012 has allowed me to see what works, what might work, and what doesn't or won't.  If you think Stairway to Heaven or Tequila Sunrise is going to fire up your party, you're wrong.

I'm part of your evening, and you're part of mine.
Let's see if we are a good fit.
I book a limited number of events, so we have to fit one another.  If so, plan on several phone calls and emails and a meet-up when you're in town.  If we don't fit, I'll connect you with other DJs here.
I don't plug-and-play events.  I want to know you so I can better understand your vision and expectations, and so you can better understand my approach and style.
You've made it this far.  Take the next step and shoot me an email.  If we fit, we can discuss details such as logistics, rates, music, and all of the other stuff.  But that comes later, if we fit...