Western Colorado University - May 2018 - Current University Videographer and Photographer in the Marketing & Communications department.
US Forest Service, Wayne National Forest:  November 2018 - June 2018 Videographer, Photographer, Communication Consultant.
Freelance Journalist / Producer:  2018 - Current - My work has been published by NPR, Colorado Public Radio, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, The Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University, Yes! Magazine, Daily Yonder, 100 Days in Appalachia, Rocky Mountain Community Radio (a 14-station coalition), WOUB--FM, Belt Magazine, The Crested Butte News, The Gunnison Country Times, and The Athens News.  I also edit the Climbing Zine Podcast and have edited video for the US Census and the Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs at Ohio University.
KBUT--FM:  News Director:  2015-2018 Daily news and features reporter.  Managed Morning Edition host/reporter and university student interns. Developed, produced, and engineered live on-air public forums.  Developed and produced modules programs in the public interest.  Active leader in on-air fundraising.  Public MC.
KBUT--FM: Program Director / Chief Operator:  2008-2015Oversaw FCC compliance, programming, volunteer training, outreach, website, and social media, and membership drives. Created and curated long-form public affairs program and podcast The West Elk Word.  I was also the Music Director from 2006-2009.  
Star Mountain Sound:  2013 - present -  Event DJ, MC, and Logistics Coordinator. 

Ohio University:  MFA Communication Media (Documentary Photo/Video):  2021
University of Iowa:   B.B.A. Marketing:  2000-2005​ 

Digital Post-Production:  Media Arts & Studies.  (Instructor of record)
Media & The Community:  Media Arts & Studies.  (Instructor of record)
Visual Storytelling:  Media Arts & Studies (TA)
Journalism Capstone:  Valley Reality:  360-Degree Video Journalism (TA)

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite:  Premiere Pro, Audition, Bridge/Raw/Photoshop, Illustrator
Visual Hardware:  Sony and Panasonic Mirrorless Camera Systems, various prime and zoom lenses, 360 (One-X, Rylo, Yi), stabilization (gimbals)
Audio:  Zoom, Tascam, various microphones (lavalier, shotgun, cardioid, condenser), ambisonic / binaural microphones
CMS:  Wordpress, Wix, Adobe Portfolio, Blackboard

Path Dependency (Or, Appalachia is not Post-Industrial).  This photographic essay pokes at how we feel when we flip the mirror away from ourselves and to the fossil fuel landscapes and communities that support our lifestyles.  Gallery show February 2023 Crested Butte Center for the Arts' Kinder Paden Gallery.
Society of Professional Journalists:  1st Place in medium newsrooms for Climate Reporting.  "Headwaters," a 5-part radio series, explores what it means to be a headwaters community in the West at a pivotal time for water in 2022.
Colorado Environmental Film Festival. Nominee - "A Monolithic Folly." 
Frostbite Film Festival. Best Pandemic Film - "A Monolithic Folly."  
Student World Film Awards. Finalist - "A Monolithic Folly." 
Breckenridge Film Festival, Eugene Environmental Film Festival, Indie Spirit Awards.  Official Selection - "A Monolithic Folly."  
Society of Professional Journalists:  Public Service Reporting. Second place for a collaboration revolving around fossil fuel reporting in 2020.  
US Forest Service. Communications Consultant / Graduate Assistantship. $24,000 year x 3 years
Ohio University Center for Campus & Community Engagement.  Service-learning instructor grant to teach "2702C: Media and the Community," a course designed to introduce students to the intersection of media production, teamwork, community engagement, and nonprofit work. $800 - 2019
Ohio University School of Nursing.  Audio production grant to capture ambisonic sound for a 360-degree video designed to research effectiveness in using virtual reality in training students in life-saving techniques from opioid overdoses using Narcan.  $500 - 2019
Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism.  Instructor grant for 360-degree Journalism Camp designed to introduce high school students to free-capture video and it's potential in journalism. $1500 - 2019
Ohio University Research & Creative Expo:  Grand Prize Award for "VR For Parks & Protected Places," a 360-degree video designed to create visual and interpretative access to Hocking Hills State Park's Old Man's Cave hike for people with mobility impairments who would otherwise be unable to access the publicly-owned resource.  

Water is essential to everyone who lives in the High Rockies of Gunnison County, Colorado and for the 40 million people downstream reliant on the Colorado River.  Learn what it means to be a headwaters community in the Colorado River Basin at a critical - and pivotal - time for water in the west.  5-part series aired in June and July 2022 - KBUT
Short on Workers, This Resort Town Has Stopped Marketing Itself to Tourists.  Amidst a housing crisis driven by the "Zoom Boom," Crested Butte, Colorado - a town dependent on tourist dollars - stopped advertising itself as a summer destination.  July 20, 2021 - NPR
Slavalachia:  A New Musical Tradition  Across an Ocean, a Pandemic, and a Revolution.  A group of musicians from Ohio, Ukraine, and Belarus share folk music traditions amidst a pandemic and a revolution.  April 20, 2021 - West Virginia Public Broadcasting.
Bureau of Land Management Sued Over Leasing, Pendley’s Appointment.  A Bureau of Land Management Field Office on the Western Slope decided to open 95 percent of lands under its watch to oil and gas leasing. The State of Colorado and conservation groups are suing to reverse the order.  January 28, 2021 - KBUT 
Passing the Paddle - Southeast Ohio's Bean Dinner Tradition Marches OnThis story features writing, photographs, and an infographic about a rural tradition and community pride amidst a pandemic.  August 7, 2020 - Daily Yonder, 100 Days in Appalachia
Path Dependency (Or, Appalachia is Not Post-Industrial).  This photographic essay chronicles extraction and manufacturing's mark on Appalachian landscapes and communities.  July 30, 2020 - Columbia University's Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Belt Magazine, Kinder Paden Gallery at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts
Concerned Citizens Demonstrate Against West Elk Mine RoadConcerned citizens rallied against what they say is an illegal road built by a coal company in the Gunnison National Forest.  June 17, 2020 - Crested Butte News.
Wedding Biz Woes Expected This Summer.  The pandemic will affect the lucrative wedding industry this coming summer.  May 13, 2020 - Crested Butte News
As Coronavirus Empties Short-Term Rentals, Owners Offer Their Spaces to COVID-19 Responders.  Some health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus must isolate from family members with respiratory conditions.  One owner of short-term rentals in Crested Butte, Colorado, is offering her empty home to those in need.  April 8, 2020 - Colorado Public Radio
Poor Little Rich TownThe lead infographic was designed by me for this November 2019 story.

PRODUCTION CREDITS (click to view when applicable)
Our Town:  Gallipolis - assistant producer - historical documentary 
Narcan Simulation - ambisonic audio engineer - 360-degree / virtual reality video (not yet released)
North Point Helicopter Skiing

Our Town:  Gallipolis - Production of WOUB Public Television
Electrostatic Fogger / Sprayer - required viewing for US Forest Service during pandemic
US Forest Service Interagency Timber Research Project - presented to agencies involved in project
pH 7 - Athens Conservancy Annual Meeting, Raccoon Creek Partnership Annual Meeting
National Public Lands Day - Columbus Public Lands Film Festival
Peter Kotses for Treasurer - Paid target-marketing through social media
Forest Plan Revision - Mass-marketing via social media via Wayne National Forest
Narcan Simulation- Presented to White House Senior Advisor for Public Affairs Anne Hazlett